True North Learnings is the brainchild of professionals with decades of expertise in professional coaching and consulting. We aspire to partner with you and be a part of your achievements and conquests.

Our passion for learning and determination to provide top notch services propels us to be the beacon of excellence. We open the doors of understanding for people about their behavioural patterns which affect their lives personally & professionally. There by allowing them to understand and address their short comings and take charge of their lives.

Our unique programs are a blend of vast research, professional expertise followed by our passion to understand and help individuals and organizations to reach their zenith.


Tahwar Ali Khan has been into training and counselling students, professionals, officials and others for over 10 years now. He has been imparting the training of life skills, soft skills, communication, behaviour and other basic social traits, And also delivered several keynote lectures across the country.

Ali has conducted his training programs across the country in more than 250 educational institutions so far. Be it Indian Army cadets, Business School scholars or undergraduate & graduates. Ali conducts his training programs and delivers customized training programs, addressing the specific needs of both individuals and organizations.

He shares his experiences for people to learn, and learns through his experiences to address various issues of human behaviour, psychology and thinking patterns. Having vast knowledge of human psychology, behavior and issues of youth and working professionals, he counsels and assists them to understand themselves and lead a promising life

He believes in assisting people in their growth towards prosperity, helps them forget past and live in the present. He believes profoundly that without breaking the conventional belief systems one cannot succeed. About enhancing productivity he asserts that character must be the first priority followed by developing skills.

“Irrespective of profession or position of a person, one must concentrate on building a positive character coupled with enhancing skill sets and this will definitely write a success story”, he believes.